Concerned about misleading search results?

Have you had or have any harmful results of you on Google? Or do you want to protect your online reputation against misleading search results or reputation attacks?
Misleading Search results

Damaged online reputation?

Reputation damage caused by negative comments, misleading results or reputation attacks on Google? We’ll help you right away!

Online Reputation Management

White Canvas® will repair and manage your online reputation for you in case of Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Guard

The Online Reputation Guard guards your positive online reputation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Online Reputation Management

In case a person or company is suffering from serious reputation damage, White Canvas® will combat this damage through Online Reputation Management. White Canvas® has developed advanced tools for Online Reputation Management. These tools will help to restore and optimise the online reputation of a person or company. The registered procedure: S.I.L.K. Technology® is the key procedure in this process.

Online Reputation Guard

The Reputation Guard® is an unique tool, developed by White Canvas®. The Reputation Guard® takes control of the online reputation of persons and companies, by checking new internet search results linked to a person or company. This helps the customers of White Canvas® to maintain a positive online reputation. As soon as any negative comments appear, White Canvas® acts directly to protect a person or company from ‘Reputation Attacks’. This Guard® is active 24/7.

Reputation monitor

Online Reputation Guard Tool

With the Reputation Guard® Tool your online reputation is controlled exhaustively, whereupon White Canvas® can take immediate steps in the case of the appearance of new unwanted and misleading results in Google. Therefore you are ensured of a positive online reputation.