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White Canvas® is an international expert in the field of online reputation management, with more than 10 years of experience in restoring and optimising the online image of successful national and international companies and persons.

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The mission of White Canvas® is the protection of negative consequences of online ‘reputation attacks’, which ensures that successful persons and companies are not impeded in the future by negative, false and misleading remarks of the past. White Canvas® has developed strict guidelines to decide whether or not someone can be helped by White Canvas®.

For restoring and optimising your online reputation, White Canvas® developed two different products: Online Reputation Management and the Online Reputation Guard®.

Online Reputation Management takes care of negative remarks and misleading search results, by publishing positive results and combatting negative results in order to create a positive online reputation. If a positive online reputation is created, the online reputation needs to be monitored, in order to recognise new negative search results crop up. When new negative results appears online, White Canvas® takes care of it right away!

The Online Reputation Guard® has been developed to prevent a negative online reputation and to take care of negative search results in a quick and effective manner. With the Reputation Guard® your reputation is guarded 24/7. If you want to ensure a positive online reputation, the Reputation Guard is of vital importance!

The White Canvas® team works with the specially developed work procedure, S.I.L.K. Technology®. If you want to have more information about White Canvas® or online reputation management, use the online contact form or call +4420 3695 2203 for a free reputation analysis!

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