S.I.L.K. Technology®

Um negative Auswirkungen einer beschädigten Online-Reputation wirksam zu verhindern, haben die Software-Ingenieure von White Canvas® die S.I.L.K. Technology® entwickelt. Diese eingetragene Technologie basiert auf den Google-Spidern und kann in vier verschiedene Phasen unterteilt werden.

S.I.L.K. Technology®


The S.I.L.K. system monitors the web 24/7 to search for new items that relate to the agreed search term (your company, personal name or your brand).


Our reputation analysts evaluate the new search results to determine whether they are positive, negative or neutral and determine the steps that need to be taken based on the exact content and strength of the result.


Research indicates that 98% of Google-users only look at the first page in Google. The S.I.L.K. system is aimed at pushing down the misleading and negative search results in Google. If the search results are on the second or third page, they are hardly noticed.


It is important to continue monitoring for a while and to control the results in Google, to take direct steps if the Google Spiders crop up the negative search results again. This maintenance is an integral part of S.I.L.K. Technology®.

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