Online Reputation Guard®

White Canvas® protects you and your company from reputation attacks through internet with the tool: Reputation Guard®. Prevention is better than the need to cure!

Reputation Guard

The Fox, The Eagle or The Wolf?

There are three different packages of the Reputation Guard®: The Fox, The Eagle and The Wolf. The packages contain different functions.

Which package suits you?

  • The Fox:
    If you are interested in preventive protection, the Reputation Guard Fox® package is best for you.
  • The Eagle:
    If you are looking for a personal Reputation Guard®, who takes control of your online reputation and is always available, we recommend you to consider the Reputation Guard Eagle® package.
  • The Wolf:
    If reputation damage on the internet already exists, we advise you to take the Reputation Guard Wolf® package.

Reputation Guard®

The vision of White Canvas® is: ‘Prevention is better than the need to cure’. In order to prevent a negative online reputation, White Canvas® developed the Reputation Guard®. If you want to prevent ‘reputation attacks’, you can guard your online reputation by using the Reputation Guard®, which monitors your online reputation 24/7.

In case of new negative comments, White Canvas® will always contact you with a prepared strategic plan to eradicate the new negative comments posted on internet. With this your internet reputation is ensured.

The prevention of a negative reputation on the internet has a lot of benefits, you are saving out a lot of money and time if you manage your online reputation from the beginning. The Reputation Guard® relates to a search term of a certain person or company in Google and shows the most important search results. The Reputation Guard® analyses all search results and rates the results as positive, negative or neutral. At the moment a new negative search result appears, your personal Reputation Manager will contact you directly, after which you can choose to let White Canvas® fight against these negative search results. Combatting the negative search results is subject to the registered tool of White Canvas®, S.I.L.K. Technology®.

Interested in our reputation packages?

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  • Google is used in preparation for more than 86% of job interviews?
  • 74% of all entrepreneurs think that Google is a relevant source?
  • 56% of all entrepreneurs think Google is more important than the data in the register of the Chamber of Commerce?
  • Your potential partner uses Google 91% of the time?
  • Your potential father and mother in law use Google to Google you and protect their children in 62% of cases?