Online Reputation Management

Do you like what you see when you type your name into Google? Did you find negative or misleading results? How positive or negative is your online reputation? White Canvas helps you to manage your online reputation.


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Digital age

Since the start of the Digital Age, some 20 years ago, Online Reputation Management has become important. Worldwide anyone is free to publish any information on the internet. The internet is used to express opinions and disagreements, which can harm companies and individuals.

In general, those who publish articles or information on internet, are not trained to do so. There are no strings attached. The consequence is that online reputation damage can be caused easily.

Is your image damaged by your search results?

White Canvas®  takes care of the negative remarks and opinions posted on the internet, which relate to your private or company name. S.I.L.K. Technology® is the registered tool developed by White Canvas® to protect your online reputation.

Digital age